France vs New Zealand, Rugby Union Super Series

France vs New Zealand

One of the necessary components of making yourself, happier, and healthier, is learning how to most effectively, handle the stresses, we all experience, on a regular basis. It's up to you, whether, potential stressful circumstances, become debilitating, and self - limiting, or, whether you will choose, to transform, potentially, negative stress, into, what Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Hans Selye, referred to, as eustress, or using every situation, as a learning experience, which might make you stronger, more capable, happier, and, healthier. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 major components of this process, and some possibilities, to use them, in your best interests. 1. Obstacles: Problems, versus, challenges: Life will always, thrust certain obstacles, in your path, and how we handle these, generally, has a significant impact! One can either perceive these, as problems, or as challenges. When you see problems, it generally, conjures - up, a negative, unwanted, undesirable aspects, which, often, leads to a tendency to procrastinate, and avoid! On the other hand, when you see these, as challenges, to overcome, it creates the desire to consider, the best approaches, possible. Will you see. the hole, beyond the golf hazard, or, focus, merely, on the sand trap? Great champions focus on success, and achieving, Isn't that a significant difference, between, being a winner, or a loser? 2. Perspective: It depends on your personal perspective, whether you will, use every negative possibility, and making it, a learning opportunity, in order to gain knowledge, judgment, and wisdom! 3. Willingness to escape your personal comfort zone: Will you hide within the limitations of your self - imposed, personal comfort zone, or, will you, expand these limitations, and, think, outside - the - box, in order to become a possibility - thinker, instead of proceeding, with a negative attitude? 4. Goals/ priorities/ perceptions: You will never handle your stressful moments, as effectively, as possible, unless/ until, you first, identify your personal goals, priorities, and perceptions! When you know, yourself, and think, positively, you maximize your possibilities. Henry Ford is, often, credited with saying, You can think you can, or can't. Either way, you'll be correct! 5. Proactive; inactive; reactive: When one proceeds, in a proactive way, he plans to success, rather than failing to plan! When stressed, this individual, is able, to respond, without undue fears and trepidations, while others, become, limited by these! Others do nothing, and proceed, in an inactive manner, seeming to hope, things magically, improve, without any effort! Still, others, only respond, after the fact, in a reactive way, and this, often, creates over - reaction, and additional stresses and strains! Will you decide to handle your personal stresses, effectively, and, in your best interests, or will they control you? Your health and happiness, often, depends on how, you will proceed! Article Source:

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